Eyebrow Transplantation,  Eyebrow hold an important place in the face. Where they are in the middle, they provide integrity to the face. There is a difference between hair loss and eyebrow loss. Eyebrow loss can be caused by a lot of diseases, such as:

– Thyroid (Goiter) Diseases

– Systemic Diseases

– Alopecia (Hair-Breaking Off)

– Trauma

– Tattoos

– Infection

– Recurrent Hair Pulling And Plucking

– Congenital and Birth Diseases

– Genetic Factors

The eyebrow transplantation is almost like hair transplantation but each one has its own specifications. Permanent hair to be used in eyebrow transplantation. Appropriate hair roots shall be extracted from between the ears and neck area. To have the appropriate from of the eyebrows, thin hair roots should be extracted. It should be noted that the extracted follicular shall have one or two roots

Comparing to Hair roots, the eyebrow roots have a shorter life phase (Growth phase). The hair roots will live around 2-6 years while eyebrows live for around 4 months.

The success in eyebrow transplantation considered from the most important factors.

The extracted follicular shall be as thin and natural as possible.

The received follicular should be distributed and place appropriately.

After eyebrow transplantation, follow up shall be taken.