Face and Neck Lift, If necessary interventions and protective care is not applied , sagging can occur on the skin and the neck. To rid the sagging, there are certain procedures. These procedures are fat injections with neck lifting, face lifting and midface lifting procedures.

The aim of the face lifting is to obtain the best result to please the patient and leave a minimum amount of scars. In this procedure,  the sagging supportive tissue under the skin is tightened with a cut between the front of the ear and scalp.

In the neck lifting procedure, the cut reaches to the back of the ear and neck muscles are involved to remove the sagging and wrinkles on the neck as well. After this procedure, the angle of the jaw becomes more distinct and neck gains a stretched look. In these procedures, general anesthesia is performed and they take nearly 3-4 hours.

When the swelling and the bruises heal within 10-14 days after the surgery, patients can start working again.

If, after the doctor’s examination, no excessive skin but lipoidosis (jowl) is determined, liposuction can be performed through local anesthesia and good results can be obtained.