Development of the ears is completed until the ages of 4-6. Prominent ear is the most common of congenital ear anomalies. It occurs due to the developmental differences of the ear cartialge.

Prominent ear is common for both boys and girls and particularly during adolescence the individual starts to complain about this situation.

To be able to perform a surgery for this situation, development of the ears must be complete. This means that this surgery can be performed on the individuals above the age of 6.

Prominent ear surgery is performed with both local and general anesthesia. A non-visible small cut is made behind the ear and the cartilage is re-shaped through this cut. This procedure is 1-1,5 hours long.

Ears remain in bandage for 24 hours after the surgery. Use of a headband for 1 week after the surgery helps the healing process.

With the help of the latest technologies, this surgery is performed by our doctors without leaving any scars and causing patients to experience any type of pain.