Conservative Treatment of Dental Fillings Treatment
The cleaning of dental caries and the space (cavity) is to fill out with a synthetic filler material.
Today, more than one cause of tooth decay, depending on the dental tissues, which is defined as a disease.
Bacteriology of dental caries
Carbohydrate foods (sugar, flour, etc.).
Inerent factors (the tooth structure and composition of saliva, etc.).
Time (duration of food in the mouth)
Plaque formed by bacteria in the mouth, sugar and flour-based foods can cause acid residues remaining in the mouth. These acids, minerals of the tooth enamel of the tooth tissue and disrupt solves the cavity we call on the teeth causes the formation of cavities.
Diagnosis and Diagnostic Methods
Tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth, the teeth touch each other at the interface or the tooth may occur in the neck area. Occur in the visible surface of the brown or cavities, is easy to detect. X-ray diagnosis of these symptoms occur, but also is required decay.
Tissues of the tooth enamel and dentin tissue in the beginning of the decay goes untreated. Dentin, enamel, according to a structure that is more easily soluble and, therefore, caries progression is faster. Carious dentin tissue in a patient has access to the results of a factor in the heat, cold, sour, sweet tenderness can. Factor is eliminated through the pain.
If the pain becomes continuous decay of the vascular-nervous package collection has progressed to the pulp layer and root canal treatment is necessary.
Treatment Methods
Composite Fillings
Silicon dioxide is a mixture of plastic containing particles. Their teeth are not aware of a variety of colors and aesthetic-is also known as white fillings. The material used for the front teeth only one semester, with various methods for strengthening the back teeth are also made available. Dental bonding agents using a special light device placed in the filling material is hardened, and polished the same session.
Porcelain Fillings
Porcelain fillings are prepared cavity measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory. When patients come to the next session of polished porcelain fillings are bonded cavity
Amalgam Fillings
Silver, tin and copper alloy with mercury at a rate of 45-50% of the mixing occurs. Decay is removed from the cavity after being filled with amalgam filling material, not those of the region’s two hours and 24 hours hours after. 24 not chew something hard wax filler is thoroughly cured.