PRP stands for “Plasma Enriched Plasma”. Plasma Enriched Plasma treatment was first used in open heart surgery and afterwards has been commonly used in orthopedics. It is successfully used for certain skin problems and some combination treatments until today as well.

Plasma Enriched Plasma Application Fields:

– Skin rejuvenation

– Making the spots on the skin disappear

– Removing acne marks

– Making the skin look vivid and lively

– Hair loss treatment

Why is it effective? 

Before the treatment, 8-20 cc of blood is drawn from the patients in special tubes. This blood is centrifuged for an average of 5-6 minutes. After the centrifuge, the heavier red blood cells sink and plasma, which is rich in thrombocyte, float. This plasma is used for treatment. Tubes have special activators which reveal the tissue factors form the thrombocytes. Activated thrombocytes are injected to the skin and these tissue factors stimulate the stem cells of the skin to create a healthier and better skin.  These activators do not connect to the core of the stem cells, thus preventing any sort of side effects such as being cancerous.

How is Plasma Enriched Plasma performed?

It is injected into the skin through micro-holes by small needles. Patients might experience a mild pain before the procedure so a local anesthesia should be made with anesthetic creams for 30-45 minutes. This is a quite easy procedure which takes 30-40 minutes.

What is expected right after the procedure?

A small rash is expected as needles are used. It declines within 4-5 hours. Other than this, mild bruising might appear, however it declines within 1-2 hours. Patients can return to their daily routines on the same day.

What are the cautions to take after the process?

Patients should not shower, bathe or go into a sauna or Turkish bath. No products, if not recommended or requested by the doctor, should be applied to the face. On the next day of process, skin turns into a lively and bright state. This effect lasts for a few days but to keep it permanently, at least 3 sessions must be performed.  It can be combined with dermaroller, laser and other cosmetic procedures. Thus, effectiveness of the procedure can be increased.