Enzyme peeling Treatment is an effective treatment for the skin pigmentation problems. Skin spots occur due to several reasons. The following are some of them:
– Exposure to sunlight.
– Hormone changes.
– During and After Pregnancy.
– Using wrong cream or Some Cosmitics Products.
– After Some Dermatitis.
– Also Aging Effects.

According to the reasons of spots, Place, Density and variability of spots can be noticed. The most incountered types of spots in women is MELASMA, it occurs in cheeks where spots are observable. Often, Melasma is intensified after exposure to sun rayes. Spots accuring in chin and cheeks during pregnancy called chloasma. Apart from these, more individual small groups of spots can been observed. Some of spots which formed after dermatitis have irregular forms and widely spreaded.

Pigmentation treatment is one of the most challenging treatments for dermatologists. Before starting the treatment, the type of pigmentation should be determined.
Shallow, Deep and shallow-deep pigmentations form pigmentation types. Treatment of shallow spots is easier than treatment of the other types like deep and compined (shallow-deep) spots, where treatment is harder. Enzyme peeling is one of the best treatment options for long-term pigmentations. It can be used for all types of pigmentations, and in any depth.

What is the Enzyme peeling?
Enzyme peeling isn’t just a skin peeling, Enzyme peeling is a treatment used to treat all types of spots. It’s a method applied using the effects of enzymatic reaction.

How does enzim peelign effect ?
The pigmentin responsible for forming pigmentation called Melanin pigment. The Melanin pigment is synthesized by means of an enzyme called tyrosinase. By application of Enzyme peeling, the causes of forming melanin pigment are blocked. Thus, the occurrence of melanin pigment that already occurred or might occure will be cleared.

What is the difference bettwen Chemical Peeling and Enzyme peeling?
Enzyme Peeling is a completely different treatment than chemical peeling. In process of applying The chemical peeling, The peeling is applied over the top layer of skin using variety of fruit acids and so it is to reduce the existed spots.
Therefore, during the process it feels like burning and stinging. After the peeling, redness and burning sensations occure. But in enzyme peeling, exfoliating fruit acids are used instead. they contains substances that block the tyrosinase enzyme.
By this way during the application, it doesn’t cause any burning or stinging sensations. And In this way. The target is not just a peeling, but it is to treat spots by blocking the causing enzymes.

How to apply enzyme peeling ?
The skin of the patient is cleaned thoroughly before application of the enzyme peeling. After that it’s applied as a mask. Serveral times of application for enzim peeling product over spoting area remove all spots. The patient can go home with the mask.
After 4-8 hours depending on the patient’s skin type, The paitent is requested to wash his/her face.
Within 48 hours after the washing, The patients shall have erythema and burning sensations. We recommend in this case using a realxing cream.
After 48 hours, the patient won’t have any redness and after 01 week all skin pigmentation will be cleared completely.

Does it need another application?
If it needs another application, According to the intensity of spots, it can be made after 15-20 days.

Is the process of enzyme peeling painfull ?
There is no pain during the application of enzyme peeling, however after washing the face by 48 hour, it may feel a slight burning and stinging.

Whom to apply enzyme peeling ?
Enzyme peeling can be applied to all types of skin including dark skin.

When to apply Enzyme peeling ?
Enzyme peeling treatment can be applied in all seasons.

What should be considered in enzyme peeling treatment ?
Enziyme peeling treat 90- 95% of pigmentation. What to be considered is to be absolutely protected from sunshine.

The advantages of enzime peeling:
– It can be applied to all skin types ( Blonde, Brown,…).
– It can be applied in all seasons including summer.
– Application period is too short
– After the application, The Patient can return to His/Her social life within a short period of time.
– It is not a painful procedure.
– It wont have any kind of burning, stinging and Abnormal sensations after treatment.
– Treatment success rate is very high which around 90-% to 95%.
– Used to treat all kinds of pigmentation (Superficial, Deep, Sun Spots …).
– 1 session is enough to appy the treatment.
– There are no further complications such as spotting after treatment.

Pigmentation treatment is a long and very difficult treatment process. Therefore enzyme peeling treatment with the several advantages that it has among other treatments, has provided us with great comfort.
By the virtue of a very high success rate of enzyme peeling treatment, patients are happy.
Each spot may emerge agin. If spots begin to emerge again after enzyme peeling, a second session can be done.
Thanks to enzyme peeling, pigmentation treatment for patient become more comfortable, time saving and sucessful.