Dermaroller is a cylindrical device which has at least 192 small needles whose height range is between 0.25 mm and 2,5 mm. It helps the treatment of some cosmetic situations and skin diseases.

Uses of dermaroller:  

– Face rejuvenation treatment

– Curing acne

– Treating the spots on the face

– Hair loss treatment

– Scar treatment on the body

– Stretch mark treatment

How is it used?

It is a very easy method which can be used in clinic conditions. First, the body area which the procedure will be applied to is sterilized and anesthetic creams are used for 30-45 minutes as it can be painful on areas except the scalp. After the area is numbed, it is applied to the skin by the specialist with a certain rhythmic movements. Patients can return to their daily activities after the procedure.

Why is it effective? 

It is chosen by the doctor depending on the patient’s situation. For rejuvenational purposes, a dermaroller with 0.5-1mm needles is used whereas for the patients with deep acne marks, 2,5mm dermaroller is preferred.

It is effective through the hole these small needles make through the skin. Skin considers these little holes as scars and begins to heal itself through new tissue synthesis with growth factors, thus a complete rejuvenation of the skin begins. Also, additional treatment products to help the patient’s problems are used with it. The absorbing of these treatment products is increased 200 times with the help of it. This helps the healing process.

How many sessions are required?

If the patient wants a slight rejuvenation of the skin, one session suffices but for all other applications 4 sessions is recommended. Sessions are performed once a week or once in two weeks.

What are the after effects of process?

After the procedure, particularly long needles cause severe rash and mild oedema. The rash declines within 3-4 hours but sun exposure is forbidden. No other effects are expected after the procedure.

After the procedure, patients should not bathe, shower or go into a sauna or a Turkish bath. Exposure to the sun is strictly forbidden. In addition, no products, unless suggested by the doctor, should be applied onto the face.