Dermal Filler Injection

Dermal Filler injectionOur skin changes due to aging. Especially with the water loss and loosening of the ligaments make the wrinkles become more apparent, especially on the chin and cheeks.

Dermal Filler injection removes the effects of the loss of ligaments caused by aging. Therefore, it slows the aging process.

Today, hyaluronic acid, which is existent on the ligaments and helps the skin to stay stretched, is used as the dermal filling. Hyaluronic acid is a safe substance which is approved by FDA and is not extracted from animals. There is no allergy risk for the people who do not have a specific allergic response to this substance. Hyaluronic acid is not a permanent dermal filling substance. It is natural, thus it melts and disappears within 6-12 months. It helps create a natural look as it is already a part of the body.

How is the operation performed? 

It is performed by thin needles, directly into the areas with wrinkles or ligament loss. This is a brief procedure and it can be performed in a doctor’s office.

When does it take effect?

It takes effect as soon as it is performed. Some people experience a slight swelling due to their skin type so it might take effect within 1-2 hours after the procedure.

Is anesthesia necessary before this procedure?

It is performed through needles so anesthetic creams are applied to the patients’ faces and kept on for 30-45 minutes but some small procedures can be performed without anesthesia. Besides, since the lip area has many nerve endings, anesthesia through the needles into the mouth can be performed as the dentists.

Aims of the Dermal filler Injection : 

– The thin and thick lines on the face

– Lines on the forehead

– Lines between eyebrows

– Nasolabial lines (lines from the edge of the mouth to the nose)

– Chin lines

– Thin lines on the neck

– Increasing the volume

– Forming fuller lips

– Increasing the volume of the cheeks

– Increasing the volume of the jaw

– Increasing the volume of supraorbital foramen

– Increasing the volume of the temple area

– Increasing the volume of the collapsed areas on the hand

Other Areas to Apply : 

– Brow lift

– Shaping the side view of the nose

– Making the circles around the eyes disappear

– The marks or holes on the skin caused by acne or other factors

– Making the outline of the lips more apparent

– Increasing the volume of the skin which is demoisturized and bear thin wrinkles

How long does it effect ? 

The effects of the operation last up to 12 months with the help of the modern technology but this period can decrease to 6-8 months on the areas where mimics are more frequently performed. By regularly applying the operation, the effects can be more permanent.

Possible Complications caused after the process: 

It is performed by needles, thus it causes mild swellings and rash on the skin. But these effects are not seen in all areas. For instance, since the region under the eye has thinner skin and experiences more swelling but on nasolabial lines, there appears less swelling. Patient’s skin thickness is a determining factor for the appearance of these swellings.

For instance, there is almost no rash experienced on the patients with a darker skin color whereas people who have a lighter skin color rash is more likely to be experienced.

Both the swellings and rash disappear within 1-2 hours after the surgery. Bruises can also occur during the procedure and they disappear within 1 week after the surgery but if anticoagulant drugs are taken, bruises last for nearly 2 weeks.

Cautions to take after the operation:

– Patients cannot bath or shower within the first 24 hours after the injection and also they should not go into a Sauna or a Turkish bath.

– Unless requested by the doctor, applied area should not be massaged.

– Cool or hot compress should not be applied to the injected area.

– If the Dermal filler is applied to the lips, patients should try not to move their lips within the first 1-2 hours after the surgery.

– Other than these small precautions, patient can return to their daily activities immediately.

Which seasons should the Dermal filler injection be performed ?

It can be performed in all seasons as the sun does not have any negative effect for the procedure.