TravelMEDI is an institution founded by doctors and travel consultants to give a different understanding and functioning in the field of health tourism.

Our co-founder Serkan Celen has worked with a lot of national and international companies in the field of tourism for around 15 years.

And our partner and co-founder Dr. Oyku Celen is a specialized dermatologist and one of the well-known doctors in Turkey.

Our goal is to provide you with the best affordable prices alongside with the best doctors and hospitals and high quality facilities and services for our foreign patients. We since establishing, have offered our services for a lot of foreign patients from Middle East, America, Asia, Africa and all around the world.

TravelMEDI offers the right treatment with the appropriate budget for those who will come abroad for treatment. Upon patient request, All of his/her travel preparations will be taken successfully by our expert travel consultants starting from his/her place of residence until returning home.

TravelMedi offers treatment by it's contracted hospitals and via its active and dynamic team of best in-specialty doctors. All of our doctors are specialized in their fields/ treatment and speak foreign language in addition to following up all new Innovations in their specialty

Our biggest difference is our service quality

Based on our experience in the field of Health and Tourism, we are pleased to provide with the full comprehensive services.



Before your treatment, we want you to fill out the “Form” on our homepage. After examining your data, our doctors determine the most appropriate treatment for you. After our consultants report approximate price, with your approval, the booking processes made by us.

Thus, we introduce you to our doctors, before you arrive in Turkey. After this process, you can consult on our doctors about any subject. In this way, doctor-patient communication begin before your treatment and when you arrive for treatment, your doctor can immediately start your treatment period.


Thanks to our methods, your treatment substantially could be determined. If your doctor thinks you need some tests, you will be informed and you can take these tests either in Turkey or in your own country. The biggest advantage of this method is that you’ll learn your budget required for your treatment before you arrive in Turkey. Thus, there’ll be no surprise additional costs for you.


TravelMEDI’s implement method intends to provide you the most comfortable treatment in more comfortable conditions. Our travel consultants have experiences and best qualifications to make inside and outside organizations including in taking you from home and taking you to home if you request.

Your transportation, accommodation and hospital reservations will be made by us before you arrive in Turkey. These reservation vouchers will be mailed you, before you arrive. When you arrive in Turkey, everything you need will be organized by us. Our travel consultants offer you and your family travel opportunities.

You can reach the detailed information from the travel section.