Today, many women wish to have delicate and perfect bodies. This desire continues throughout their lives and they want to protect the bodies they had in their 20’s.

Particularly after 40’s, to go back to the old days, women go on diets, start exercising and consume foods high in wheat. Now the body is obesity resistant and the desired weight is near. In this stage, excessive weight loss is experienced.

After weight losses, due to aging, skin and underskin (subcutaneous) tissues lose fluid, collagens, Hyaluronic acid and elasticity, thus casuing the skin to sag just like a deflated balloon. These deformations are common on face, neck, chest (breast), arm, legs, stomach and hip areas. People who want to avoid this try alternative methods such as massage, Laser or Radiofrequency. If none of these methods can provide effective results, surgery is inevitable.

Surgical methods differ from area to area. If necessary, in addition to lifting, filling is performed to obtain the best possible results.

Patients must be examined for possible health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerotic diseases, heart diseases before the surgery. If none of these problems above are present at the patient, surgery can be performed.

Excessive weight causes saggings on the face and the neck. If the lift procedures do not suffice, autogenous fat tissue, extracted and prepared from your body, is used to assist the surgery. General anesthesia is performed during the operation. However, for certain type of procedures, sedation and local anesthesia can also be used. In the first week after the surgery severe oedema, in the second week mild oedema is present at the operated area. 1 month later, you have a wrinkle free and fresh looking face.

One of the most deformed areas after weight losses is the breast area. After pregnancies and weight losses sagging can be seen due to the decrease in the volume of the breasts. Mastopexy is not always sufficient for these kind of situations. In some situations, implants should be placed under the breast tissue or muscle tissue. The procedure is for 2 hours long after a 3-5 days long healing period, your breasts look the way you want them to.

There are also surgeries for the sagging in the stomach and waist areas. Circumferential abdominoplasty is a surgery performed through a 360 degree cut around the waist and the stomach, including a hip lift, removal of the excessive fat tissue and tightening of the muscle tissue around the stomach.

Patients experience difficulties to move within the first 3 days after waist and stomach surgeries. To shape the body, a corset is used for 3-4 weeks. An additional liposuction operation might be performed to help shape the body.

Another area to experience problems after a weight loss is arms. Sagging can occur on the arms regardless of the amount of exercise done during the weight loss period. This kind of a sagging can show itself after going under a liposuction surgery after an advanced age. In this kind of a situation, armf lift operation might a more accurate choice.

Other possible sagging areas after a weight loss are inside of the legs and upper legs. Depending of the situation of the deformed area, skin is usually lifted towards the groins and removed. Possible scars are hidden in the groin area. Patients must use a corset after the surgery.