Nose remodelling surgery is called Rhinoplasty in the literature.

It is a series of operations performed by specialists to shape the nose from the inside to match the shape of the face and to solve respiration problems if any.

We suggest the rhinoplasty surgery to be performed after the developmental period. Developmental period generally ends for girls at the ages of 16-17 and for boys at the ages of 18. One of the signs of the ending of the developmental period is that a person’s height does not increase in the previous 6 months.

Before the surgery, patient’s complaints and expectations are noted by us. A pre-design is prepared in accordance with patient’s expectations and is shared with the patient. The most appropriate way of treatment is determined with the patient.

There are 2 current methods of this surgery:

-Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure  : It is performed completely inside the nose with the help of cameras and light systems.

-Open Rhinoplasty Procedure : It is performed through a small cut on the tip of the nose and leaves no scars afterwards.

In both methods, the aim is to meet the patient’s expectations and correct the nose in way that it matches the shape of the face, without any respiration troubles.

During the procedure, no nasal packing is used unless necessary. After the procedure, the nose is bandaged and a special splint is prepared. After the operation, patients can experience bruises and swelling on the nose for 2-3 days. After 3 days, the nose begins to return to its normal shape and the splint is removed on the 6th or 7th day. Afterwards, patients can start performing dair daily activities.