Breast Enlargement enlargement surgery or breast implant surgery are performed to help breasts, which lose their volume due to breastfeeding or do not have enough volume due to developmental problems, look more attractive and sizable.

Breast implants are divivded into 2 groups depending on their structure. One group has salt water, which is called saline solution, covered by a thin silicone layer, and the other group is made of cohesive gel silicone covered by, again, a thin silicone layer.

Implants also change according to their covers ; textured or smooth. After the examination, depending on the facts that the patient has sufficient breast tissue, life conditions and sport activities, implant is placed under the muscle or breast tissue.

Our doctor decides on the size of the implant and the treatment method according to the requests of the patient. Breast size is measured including the nipple and the back of the person and is calculated as 75-80 or 80-85. Breast sizes are calculated by the subtraction of this measurement from another measurement made from the bottom of the breast and is classified as ;

A cup (10 cm), B cup (16 cm), C cup (23 cm), D cup (29 cm) and over these measurements is called E cup.

Implants are divided into two groups based on their shapes ; round and anatomical.

Anatomical implants are preferred for a more natural look. These implants help the bottom of the breast look more sizable, thus forming a more natural breast shape. However, cleavage area does not look sizable enough.

Patients’ expectations are noted and different sizes of implants are tried during the procedure.

Implant is placed under the breast tissue or the muscles in 4 main ways. Armpit, bottom of the breasts and nipple incisions are the most commonly preferred. How and where to place the implant depends on the type of the implant, nipple size and doctor’s experience.


Breast implants which include saline solution are very rarely placed through small cuts on the umbilicus.

Another method is combining a stomach lift surgery with breast implant surgery to avoid unnecessary cuts.

Breast enlargement surgery takes nearly 1-1,5 hours and is performed through general anesthesia.

Patients can start working within 3-5 days after the surgery but avoiding exercise routines including arm and breast area for 1-1,5 months is recommended.