Vaser Lipo, Your New Appearance As The Gift of Vaser HI-DEFINITION Lipo Sculpture Will Be Astonishing

Among the most frequent operations in the world protecting the 1. grade in vast majority of regional settings as well in our country sustainably striving to get the best ranking in nose aesthetics liposuction operation, with the gift of newly obtained identity is in line with getting the unique exclusive status.

Liposuction we discovered with that new identity rather than eliminating fatty cells in our body avails to shape up our body three dimensional.

For many years based on miscellaneous methodologies fatty cells tried to be eliminated from our body and a physical shape challenged to be reconstructed on our body. Classical, dry, wet and super wet liposuction methodologies based operations which are applied for many years have been contemporarily underestimated. Combined with ultrasound energy liposuction seems to be aroused in minds very long time. Ultrasonic liposuction (Vaser liposculpture) based classic liposuction in addition to accomplishing far beyond outcomes, by means of vaser hi-def liposuction over body in three dimensional fashion it is possible to work out like sculpture and to shape up body. In the same way that apparatus also allocates solutions in cellulites therapy as the gift of Smooth property as the technological significant surprise for us.

In the pursuit of these three magnificent features harmonized new dimension to liposuction procedure by Vaser-Lipo system enable the eradication of plenty of undesired outcomes and very comfortable therapeutic results for our patients.

Principal benefits that are countable further to that mention method is to possess specific quality for fatty cells, to preclude unnecessary blood loss, to offer very comfortable healing process for the patients, to create very elastic skin regain very healthily and as specific to fatty cells by that method vitality of the extracted fatty cells are preserved. Due to its specification possessing a specific property oriented to fatty cells binding tissue damage is certainly not emerged, in due course that creates stiffness and revitalization over the skin. Again based on its specificity over the fatty cells no destruction over the vessels is undergone and unnecessary blood loss is prevented, moreover protection of nerves and muscles from effects postoperatively supports the abolishment of undesired pains. Protection of vivid nature of the fatty cells during that procedure due to convenience for autolog tissue transplantation in terms of leg, waist and chest composition procedures in which fatty cells are necessitated strongly contributes astonishing gains.

In what way Vaser (Ultrasonic liposuction) procedure is actualized? Does general anesthesia is required?
The cross-section selected for the implementation of ultrasonic liposuction procedure if is not excessively huge and constrained with 1-3 regions it is very practically applicable in association with local anesthesia and sedation assistances. If application region is expanded to plenty of regions such as back, breast and circumferential segment, waist, abdominal region, legs and arms general anesthesia is encountered as the safer option for patient comfort. Procedure is initiated by marking the region where the body of the patient is shaped up and excess fatty volumes are present. Subsequently, to the segments assigned for liposuction procedure searching out to reinforce selectability to fatty region a special solution is applied. Following that solution which is administered along a small hole (3-5 mm) for each district independently designed and melting the circumferential tissue selectively out of ultrasonographic probes by the convenient one fats are melted by means of penetrating through these small holes. By the virtue of these probes playing selected effects over these fatty cells in transcutaneous portions surgeon in surface or deep plans in desired fashion homogeneously melt the fats and prospectively based on suction methodology fats are eliminated. Relying on the such homogeneous elimination of fats also over the skin any form of porosity or intrusion do not compose.

What are the circumstances must be taken into account preoperatively?
Preoperatively in that present method which does not necessitate very special care preoperatively specially intended diets or special medications are not necessitated. Before the general operations abolishment of blood emulsifiers that require special care, hesitation of alcohol intake and completely terminate in closer days as the general conditions are also current in terms of that present procedure.

How postoperative period is spent does it painful and require special clothing?
In postoperative period we can foresee that is painless by means of melting and releasing of the fats throughout ultrasonic waves with no damages over the muscle, vessel and nerves. Mild pressing feel by pain relief agents may be undergone from time to time. Postoperatively fast retrogression of edema and for acceleration of therapeutic period special corsets are used 2-3 weeks.

Does it necessitates hospitalization?
Based on the present method after the realized liposuctions if the procedure does not encompasses very wide regions hospitalization treatment is useless. Even if expanded over widespread regions maximum 1 night hospitalization treatment shall be concerned excessively adequate for patients.

When it is convenient returning back to social life?
Social life by no means disrupted by the suctions incorporated following that method. In the morning eliminating the excess substances over the waist and basins at the night our patients making participations to business meetings with their friends are considerably abundant. Whereas if we intend to make generalization that will not be falsified recommending to spend the first 1 day by resting and following the 3.-5. Days to keep on living in the same life style as happened preoperatively.

When our results are allocated?
By ultrasonic liposuction subject to homogeneous and selective discharge of fats binding tissue debilitation since is not emerged over the transcutaneous region emergence of the results are much faster than classical methodologies. Patient as soon as after completion of the operation and in first week feels differentiated and observations only with the aim of deregulating edema of the first month obliges waiting. In correlation with rapid debilitation of edema in that process also significant variations over the body become remarkable.

What Does Laser High – Definition Liposculpture Technique Refers to and What Are The Executed Attempts?
Hi-Def is an advanced liposuction-lipofilling method. Likewise giving an appearance to a statute in convenience with the patient’s own topographical physical structure muscle shadows are converted into very clarified form. Pertaining to that method which requires to point out that is certainly not a weight loss methodology is appropriate to put forward the fact that that shall be more convenient for sick and even for weak persons. For persons whom are weak but having regional undesired fat formation and desiring to have sportive and more muscle form appearance exclusive option passes along ultrasonic Hi-Def liposuction-lipofilling method.

Preoperatively, very attentive and strict preparation is anticipated. As you conceptualize that all individual possess diversified muscle structure and in terms of that diversification always reveal in a different mood for all entities. In that respect when excellent examination is anticipated by the assistance of image methodologies muscle dimensions are confirmed and their corresponding directions over the skin are marked attentively.

Over these marked cross-sections both deep and superficial liposuction procedure are compatible owing to ultrasound technology. In terms of classical method while very superficial undesired outcomes are encountered in that method in the opposite way satisfactory results are generated. In the course of superficial interference convenience over the corresponding matches of the muscles attentive constructions are compatible.

Initially these undesired fats are isolated by that special methodology where the body segments are confirmed for reconstruction. Ultrasonic method’s power to create opportunity for the vivid nature of fat cells and due to application of that formation more progressively implemented over weak persons, extracted fatty cells over the sections where needed and transferred to segments intended to reveal the muscles more predominantly (over the men abdominal regions extracted fats if inadequate to the abdominal muscles correspondence places and over the pectoral (chest) muscle, over the women making the waist more slim transferred to the buttock segment and saturation is reinforced more fit and physically dynamic appearance shall be created). Patients eligible for that procedure constituted by the patients usually with 10-15% body fat volume, encompassing higher skin quality.

What is the fundamental difference of Vaser Hi-Def and classical liposuction and how frequent Hi-Def is applied and for which districts?

Classical liposuction is a procedure executed searching out to eliminate the regionally accumulated fats and to dwindle body sizes. Whereas Hi-Def Liposculpture refers to body reconstruction technique applied in conjunction with 3. generation ultrasound technology. Based on that method, extracting the fatty tissue over the excessive segments transferred to the required sections. In due course, natural and muscular body shape is created. That methodology usually employed over the abdominal district over the pubic, back and waist regions, shoulder-arm and legs. When considering women and male body fitness forms anticipated form and muscle shadows are distinguished. While male predominantly long for muscular appearance over the pectoral so chest region woman prefers buttocks to be more appealing shape. Planning efforts are conducted contemplating body fitness and personal muscular matching on person. Most significant feature of male Hi-Def body construction effort is concentrated on the reveal of abdominal cross-section six-pack or diamond like shape. Male’s muscular athletic appearance especially emerges by the reverberation of muscles along the abdomen, chest, shoulder and waist margins.

How long is the operation and follow-up time period?

Operational time length according to 3 dimensional construction regions on the body and due to its dimension varies approximately in the range of 2-4 hours. During these hours with no exercise application desired body shape shall have been created. A patient whoever never undergone Six-pack i is awakened on surgery desk with the realization of dreams. Postoperatively selected specially designed corset is obliged to be worn in 2-3 weeks. Postoperatively no significant pain is felt, but if some types of complains exist that also approximately lasts 2-3 days especially over the abdomen district. Based on that methodology in which social life is not interrupted and not isolated persons from their businesses upon desire in 1 week even the exercise may be launched.

Other supersize of Ultrasonic Liposculpture

Smooth property of Ultrasonic liposuction in terms of cellulites treatment as the unresolved difficulty for vast majority of women allocating smooth legs for ladies provide remedy for that trouble. Preoperatively, to the marked cellulites sections as a result of incorporated interference by smooth tips withdrawal of the cellulites is not impossible anymore.